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The SeaQualizer is an innovative release tool designed to help fish recover from the effects of barotrauma.  Barotrauma results from bringing a fish up from depth too quickly, preventing the fish from releasing air from its swim bladder quick enough as pressure on it is decreased.  This causes the swim bladder to expand beyond its normal size.
Physical effects of barotrauma include: floating at the surface, stomach protruding out of the mouth, bulging eyes, flared gills and inflated body cavities.

The SeaQualizer is a pressure activated release device that attaches to a fishing rod or downrigger and releases the fish at a predetermined depth set on the SeaQualizer.  The motion of the boat or how the fish acts or is descended will not prematurely release the fish.


Available Sizes

Regular: 50-100-150ft

Deep Water: 100-200-300ft

By bringing the fish back down to depth, pressure will re-compress the enlarged swim bladder causing the fish to become neutrally buoyant allowing it to swim regularly as well as eliminating all other physical effects seen at the surface.

It is recommended that fish be returned to 1/3 to 1/2 the depth that they were caught.  Prepare the SeaQualizer by selecting the correct release depth and open the jaws by pulling the triggers on the side of the device.  Position the open jaws over the fish’s lower lip and close the jaws to lock securely in place.  Place the fish in the water and begin to lower the fish slowly back to the set release depth.  The SeaQualizer will only release the fish at the pre-set depth.  When the device has released the fish, the user will feel their line free fall.

Demo Release Video