Call to Action – Help Save BC’s Public Fishery

Call to Action – Help Save BC’s Public Fishery

WCFGA Members – we need each person to write a letter asap

Our Public Recreational Fishery is under attack.  Fisheries Minister Wilkinson will be receiving DFO Management advice most likely in the weeks of March 11 or 18, with respect to management options for Fraser Chinook (aka Option A or Option B).

In that, Minister Wilkinson will likely read advice from a number of ENGO groups calling for closure of the recreational fishery, or in the alternative strong support for Option A.   While not all ENGO’s support closing the recreational fishery, there has been a strong media campaign over several months taking direct aim at closure of the public fishery.

As the Minister’s decision is imminent, the need for you to write directly to the Minister is never more important.   A personal letter, not a form letter is the best option.   Simply state your concerns.   Outline the social and economic cost and how Option A will effectively remove your opportunity and expectation of catching fish.  Tell the Minister how people and jobs will be impacted in your community.  The recreational fishery in BC generates 9,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in revenues each year – why are western Canadian jobs any less important from a public policy perspective than 9,000 jobs at SNC Lavalin?

Surely this is significant enough of an issue and threat to western jobs and economies, to warrant extensive Cabinet debate and careful attempt to achieve a balance between protecting Chinook stocks and our Public Fishery.

Over 700 people took the time to write personal letters to DFO expressing their views on the Chinook Measures Options.  If you already sent a letter, thank you.   What we are asking you to do now is re-send that same letter directly to the Minister.   Anyone who hasn’t had opportunity to write, please do so in the next few days.  Delaying even until March 15 may be too late.   Be heard.

Here’s the Minister’s email:


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