WCFGA pleased to announce new Web Site and Forum

We are excited to announce the WCFGA web site which thanks to Al Boyd is under construction and running.  We have also included a blog and forum to create easy ways for members to exchange ideas and also to alert us to issues that the WCFGA needs to take action on.  Another feature of the forum is members can advertise items for sale or even post up job opportunities.  This is a massive step forward for our Association and helps advance our core Constitutional objective of creating a way to exchange information and inform the Guide community of key issues.

You can download the membership form, talk to friends who maybe should be new members and renew your current membership.  The membership forms are mailed in to Paul Dore, who will mail back a membership card that you can present to participating retailers for WCFGA discounts.

Additionally, we are looking to extend opportunities for our retail partners to advertise on our web site for modest rates that will allow us to offset the cost of running our site.

Also, a reminder that we have a membership meeting tomorrow (Sunday Dec 6th at 2 pm at the Port Alberni Kin Hut).  Please come out as we have Wilf Ludke from DFO attending to provide updates to members on the DNA program and to talk about ways we can open lines of communication between DFO and WCFGA.

Please visit our website, sign up for the forum and start posting!  Let’s open up the discussion and connect members to important issues.

Thanks, PatIMG_0118

WCFGA Meeting- Sunday December 6th @ 2:00 – Port Alberni Kin Hut

Happy off season.
We are planning a WCFGA meeting for December 6th. There are a number of issues on the agenda which we are firming up. Planning to invite DFO to provide updates on our DNA sample program and also to discuss how WCFGA can work with DFO to improve in-season consultation and observation of the fishery.
We also desperately need to discuss Halibut, and in particular our participation at the IPHC meetings which this year will be held in Alaska. We have to discuss travel costs to the IPHC and determine if we can afford to send a representative this year. There are also some developments in how the halibut catch monitoring will be happening next season which if implemented mean fairly large increases in how fast we use up our halibut TAC. Possible early closures and/or other management measures if we want a full season.
Lastly, we need a plan and someone from within the WCFGA to help us set up a website to allow us to improve our efforts to communicate to membership.
Speaking of membership, if you haven’t yet paid up and received your 2015/16 membership card please complete the attached form and mail in your $50 cheque (we need the memberships).
Please mark your calendars and bring a friend to the meeting.

New Forum for Sport Fishers

New forum for all Sports Fishers has been started at Forum


Get registered and start posting today….